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Restaurant Inventory Management

Everything You Need To Manage Your Restaurant Business

jInventory helps reduce unnecessary costs in the kitchen and on the floor. You’ll see when you’ve got too many staff members scheduled. Use what you learn to streamline your scheduling and buying habits and save yourself money. You can also track what’s going well, see which menu items are the biggest sellers and which have the highest profit margins. You can make sure you’ll never run out, so your sales continue to increase. jInventory helps you assess your business, end to end, so you can make the necessary changes for success.

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Decision-ready reporting

No more settling for "guesstimates". jInventory's detailed reporting gives you the insights you need to stock confidently. From sales and margin, to the total value of inventory, to which items aren't selling, jInventory gives you accuracy and context in seconds.

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Know where you stand

jInventory can use predictive analytics to estimate how much time is left before stock is gone. You can also use these estimates to know stock that isn't moving.

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Work Well Together!

Keep your busy morning rush moving smoothly with the jInventory platform, and streamline your day to day; from morning prep and inventory management through seamless checkouts and sales reporting.

jInventory Remote Management

Built to simplify restaurant operations


A dynamic platform to put the quick back in Quick Service while improving order accuracy.

Back of House
  • Ingredient-Level Inventory management for granular control
  • Reporting Tools for a clear picture of business
Front of House
  • Increase efficiency with Mobile Order Takers
  • Get to know your regulars with a CRM


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