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Whether your customer's complaining that they hired the wrong size trencher or you've got maintenance due and your mechanic is out with the flu, there's enough to worry about when you're running a hire business. That's where Turbo Inventory comes in. Turbo Inventory is cloud-based, scalable, no-fuss hire software that tracks your inventory. New and seasonal hire companies love the flexible pricing options, strong feature set, frequent updates without needing their own server, and how easy it is for employees to understand.

Joyce Software Powerful Plant and Tool hire Software

Understand Your Business

Managing the day-to-day tasks is a critical part of hire software – we one-up that by providing the data that helps your business grow year-over-year. With detailed statistics and tracking of key performance indicators like ROI, item profitability, maintenance costs, etc., you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions when you’re determining what your business will be in the future.

Know Your Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but it’s especially true in hire. Our software helps connect you with your customers by tracking the items they hire most, when they like to hire them, where they have them delivered, and how to get in touch with them. You’re able to get important messages to your customers even before they’re asking for information, building a foundation of trust.

Joyce Software Powerful Plant and Tool hire Software
Joyce Software Powerful Plant and Tool hire Software

Access Information Anywhere

We know your business moves well beyond the office walls. That’s why our software is accessible via mobile devices, whether it’s the CRM for sales, delivery info for drivers or dispatchers, or even out in a lot or on site for maintenance or equipment loading crews.

Paperlessly Service & Inspect

Most hire software products will help you figure out when maintenance is due, or when you should look at a piece of equipment. Turbo Inventory, however, can track your entire inspection and servicing process. You can create checklists for staff based on equipment or milestones.

Joyce Software Powerful Plant and Tool hire Software


We built Turbo Inventory to give the hire industry an affordable, modern and powerful equipment rental software solution. It has been built alongside people who have worked in the hire and rental industry, along with invaluable suggestions and feedback from our users, people like you

Customers told us that they wanted to process work as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving them time, resources and of course money. An intuitive and familiar interface ensures that even the most novice computer user can start using Turbo Inventory‘s features without the need for training, usually doing tasks faster than software on a standard computer.

Joyce Software Powerful Inventory Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use hire management software?

    There are many benefits of hire management software, including accurate distribution of products and services, prompt customer service, and faster and more secure deal closure. In the ideal scenario, your plant hire management system will be cloud-hosted, well-integrated with third-party management software, and available to use on mobile devices for the needs of large and decentralized teams.

  • What functionality do I need at the Point of Hire?

    Point of sale functionality is key to the system and can be configured to use barcode scanners for consumable items. Till drawers and receipt printers can be attached to the workstation for point of sale.

  • How Point of Hire Works?

    As a contract is being entered, the system is calculating the likely invoice total. This allows the operator to provide customers with a complete price for the transaction from the start. For cash customers the system will request a deposit. This is held untill the contract is concluded. When the contract is invoiced, any balance on the deposit can be refunded or any additional payment can be taken as required.

  • Is it a cloud-based inventory management system? Can it be used in multiple devices?

    Yes, it is a cloud-based system. It is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

  • Can I get some assistance with regards to implementation, data migration or training the staff to use this system?

    Yes, we have a tailor-made package. From implementation to training the staff, everything will be taken care.

  • Can I add more users and assign roles to them?

    Yes, you can add more users based and create different roles. By creating roles, you can customize the usage permissions for each user.

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