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Your Sales Team must be Mobile-enabled

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Your Sales Team must be "Mobile-enabled"

For companies in the business of sales, processes must be streamlined, effective and user-friendly to improve the chances of sales. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by ensuring your sales team and staff are mobile-enabled. But what is meant by "mobile-enabled" and how it can help improve your sales teams work and progress.


What does it mean to be "mobile-enabled"?

A team that is mobile-enabled uses mobile technologies such as sales apps, or electronic product catalogues, to help them achieve their sales goals. These types of sales solutions help sales teams be more efficient and productive because they integrate the sales process and make the purchase process easier for consumers.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of being mobile-enabled are numerous – in our increasingly digitised world, you are falling behind if your team is not mobile-enabled. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Accessibility
  • Strengthened customer relationships


Increased efficiency

Both your sales representatives and their clients are busy people; the easier it is for each party to access what they want, the faster the sales process will be. Take a mobile sales app, for example: not only does this allow salespeople to pull up product prices and ordering information, but they can also quickly place orders with the touch of a button.

Further, a mobile sales app will allow you to quickly relay purchase and order information via automated emails — a great way to save time on otherwise manual processes.



It improves the accuracy of the data the sales team uses for sales purposes. When everything is manually recorded, there is lots of room for human error. If your sales are mobile-enabled, all of this information can be updated regularly – and automatically – without the need for time-consuming manual processes. It is vital that the data your sales team are using is accurate especially for tasks such as stock taking, stock consolidation, sales forecasts and inventory ordering. If the information is out of date, sales staff are bound to make mistakes that then need to be rectified. For sales forecasting, accurate data is essential so that inventory managers know exactly which items will be in-demand over certain periods, and which items will be slow-moving.



By investing in mobile-enabled sales devices and tools, your team can sell anywhere, anytime – without being constrained to certain locations or stores.


Strengthened customer relationships

Lastly, mobile-enabled sales teams are able to provide better customer service. Mobile sales app helps sales people quickly retrieve information so they can communicate instantly about products, allowing them to seal the seal quicker.


Respond to your customers' needs

The jInventory Sales App helps your sales team build a deep relationship with their clients. When they know they’ve got the right customer details, order history and up-to-date product information at their fingertips, your sales team will be able to understand their customers’ needs, anticipate their next move and confidently close deals. Email or call customers directly from the app, and view maps for company addresses. Start your free trial with Joyce Software today.


Bonus Tip

Make sure to use slip-on covers on the devices your sales reps so that it can withstand drops and heavy usage in an industrial environment.


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