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    Responsive & Mobile Friendly Websites

    Firstly, if your site is not responsive to all devices such as Desktops, Laptops, smartphones and Tablets, then this could be detrimental to your online enterprise. If it does not adapt and respond to these various screen sizes mentioned, it will lead to a loss of visitor interaction, making your website less appealing to users. Secondly, if your site is not mobile friendly, such as being able to be easily navigated, viewed and touch screen friendly, then this will make it far less appealing to mobile clients. It is now even more important than ever to take this on board as it has been shown recently that mobile searches have surpassed all other searches on Google.


    BeSpoke WebSite Design

    A poor design will fail to attract business even if your website can be easily found on search engines, so it is of optimum importance that your website design is easy to navigate, Conversion Optimised looks great and is SEO Friendly. Poor designs are associated with low site speeds, increased bounce rates and lower rankings. This is why it is so important to have a leading digital marketing company like us to showcase your business online.


    Invoicing Software

    It’s vital that the invoicing software your small business uses is a sound investment. After all, it can determine whether or not your business establishes and maintains a healthy cashflow. Everyone knows a smooth billing process saves you time and money, yet many small businesses are frustrated by their invoicing system. This seems counter-intuitive, because making money should be fun!


    Inventory Management Software

    You might be tempted to manage your inventory using spreadsheets – but they weren’t really designed for that. There's more to inventory management than keeping track of your products. When to order stock, how much to order, and how much to sell it for can feel like trial and error. But inventory management software can remove the guesswork and give you greater control of your business.

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    Connacht Taekwon-Do

    Connacht Taekwon-Do is the premier Martial Arts org in the West of Ireland. We provide "Fit for Purpose" Martial Arts training.

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    Fitzpatrick Plant and Tool Hire

    Fitzpatrick Plant and Tool Hire is located in Kilmaine, Co.Mayo. They are engaged in the hire, sales and service of builders’s plant and equipment and also sell and service all types of machinery.

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    Sheep and Cattle Performance Suppliments

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    Wedding Fairs Online – an interactive web based service which will promote your business to the brides and grooms of particular wedding venues which you choose to be associated with.


    15 JanuaryTwo quick tricks to boost profitability
    There are a number of factors that influence how consumers come to their purchasing decisions and pricing is a particularly dominant factor. Research by e-commerce platform, BigCommerce found that pricing accounts for 80% of a person's decision making when choosing to buy. What if there was a way you could subtly influence those subconscious buying behaviours, by altering your pricing by a matter of pence/cents?
    22 DecemberApply for an Online Trading Voucher up to € 2,500
    To support small Irish businesses to enhance their online trading presence, Online Trading Vouchers to the value of € 2,500 (up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost) are now available through a programme under the Government’s National Digital Strategy and delivered through the Local Enterprise Offices.